Broth Bar is Portland's
first dedicated bone broth café

(CLOSED Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, and January 1st)

115 Northeast 6th Ave

Monday–Friday 10–6, Saturday & Sunday 10–4

A Bone Broth Primer

Warm it gently

Place 4-8oz in a small saucepan and heat slowly on the stove. It doesn’t need to come to all the way to a boil (gelatin is sensitive to heat) and NEVER microwave your broth to heat it.

Season your broth

We don’t add salt, so you should, to help bring up flavor and add more minerals. Salt wakes up flavor in a broth, but we let you control how much. We suggest that you use a high quality sea salt, tamari or seaweed.

Dress it up

Add some hot sauce for flavor, or a scoop of miso for some depth, grated ginger for warmth or chop up some scallions for color.

Save the Fat

You'll notice some fat in all of the bone broths, this is because eating fat with protein is part of digesting it well. The choice is up to you how you use it but we suggest that you melt a bit into every delicious cup for some extra satiation or save it to cook your vegetables or other foods with.

Make it a meal

Throw in a boiled egg, slice up some beef, chicken, or fish or just add some steamed vegetables.

Then sip and savor every delicious bit every single day!


Broth Bar is Portland’s first dedicated bone broth café. It is the collaboration of Tressa Yellig, of Salt Fire & Time, and her sister, Katie.

These Midwestern gals have long dreamed about working together on a project that brings something wonderful to the world. The intention of Broth Bar is to offer a positive and delicious experience of daily wellness in the form of traditional foods to everyone from busy professionals and athletes on the go, to those in need of healing nutritional support. It is a place for community and education, offering high quality therapeutic bone broths with a variety of add-ons to your unique sense of what feels and tastes good.

This is a place where people can stop to nourish themselves with a warm, soothing beverage on the go, fill a growler with house-made kombucha for a picnic, stock up on some unique nutrient dense foods and supplements for the family from our grocery, and come to learn why this style of eating is worth making a lifestyle for a lifetime. We are proud that our café is inclusive to those with special dietary needs, as our offerings are gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and we are sensitive to the needs of those with food allergies.

Our Approach

Broth Bar is dedicated to bringing the most genuine and nourishing foods to our customers. We work exclusively with regional farmers and ranchers to source bones from animals that have been pasture-raised and grass-finished, without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Meat and bones from pasture raised animals are better for you, being higher in vitamins and healthy fats. The farmers we work with provide the best quality of life for their animals. We source direct to guarantee purity and humanity, which means that we visit all of the farms we source from, know the farmers by name, and sometimes drive all day to pick up bones from a farm to provide the highest quality product for our customers. Nutrition is our priority in making bone broth, so these bones are then cooked for 3 days at a low temperature to make sure that we extract as much beneficial mineral content as possible. Our bone broths are nutrient-dense, and each quart of broth is made from about 2 lbs. of bones. We encourage you to explore the nutrient testing that we've done on all of our bone broths, which prove our commitment to quality.

To preserve the delicious simplicity of our broths, all additional ingredients served and sold at Broth Bar come from only the best artisan producers, and most from the Pacific Northwest region. We cultivate long-term relationships with our customers through an ongoing dialogue that explains how we source and create our products. We welcome you to share with us any and all feedback. We believe that good food is the product of an interconnected community of supporters from start to finish and we are dedicated to improving our local food system through our practices. We pride ourselves on being a piece of this beautiful food community and we’re grateful for your support.

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